We call it Tech-sign because it is the extra support we can give to technical, scientific and research projects. We develop solutions that integrate our expertise in the fields of engineering and material research: we process and organize data, simplify complex information, translate concepts of technological innovation for different targets.

Below is a selection of the projects to which we have contributed:

ELETTRORIGENERA - Implementation of a prototype regenerative electrolyser for the conversion and storage in hydrogen of excess energy produced from renewable sources.

INSPIRE - Implementation of a predictive diagnostics system for monitoring the state of conservation of materials, components and systems of the existing built heritage.

H2GLOBAL - The project aims to build a collaborative network of leading European energy clusters to promote green hydrogen-related activities, technologies and services.

SI-MARE - A research project by UniMe aimed at improving the energy performance of ships and the consequent reduction of environmental impact in terms of climate-changing emissions into the atmosphere.

NO-FIRE NAVE - A research project by UniMe for the development of innovative formulations of highly fire-resistant paints for naval and civil applications through the additivation of nanostructured elements.

SMART-ART - A research project by UniMe for the development of advanced methods of restoration, remote control and integrated diagnostics for the conservation of the artistic heritage.

HYDRAPRED - Start-up that creates advanced solutions for the predictive maintenance of industrial assets.i.

BASECLICK - German company dealing with the marking and bioconjugation of nucleic acids for the life sciences market

CIFLA - Flaminia Foundation's Centre for Innovation (Ravenna), which acts as a relational connector and operates with a view to responsible innovation on issues with a significant impact on the territory.

NAVTEC - The Distretto Tecnologico Trasporti Navali Commerciali e da Diporto Sicilia is a consortium company active in the naval transport sector creating industrial research synergies.

TAVOLO PORTO - Tavolo Porto manages integrated sustainability actions in the Ravenna port area with a coordinated process that promotes economic and environmental development



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